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Spill Kits, come in different size containers/bags and contain special absorbent materials to soak up and absorb a spill or leak. They are available for chemical, oil or general purpose fluids, and are designed to assist your company in complying with Pollution Prevention Guidelines and other regulations.

Lastly, we also have transport spill kits for oils and fuels. This bags can be hanged behind trucks to be used when there is an emergency spill.

Spill Kits can be customized to client requirements.

Featured Product


SCRUBAZAN was developed using a new approach to cleaning and the most sophisticated chemical blending technology. Unique ‘dirt packing’ ingredients lift and pack dirt in tiny sealed conatiner making one of the most innovative cleaners and stain removers in the market.

The non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly, hypo-allergic and non-irritant product.

Scrubazan is available as; Degreaser, Chewing gum remover, Carpet/Upholstery Remover, Garbage/Trash Compact Cleaner, Urinal and Prayer Room Cleaner



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