Lilypatch Kenya Limited is a dynamic, business-oriented health, safety and environment firm , ranking among some of the few leading firms in Kenya that offer advanced technologies to assist with hygiene, safety and environment solutions. We have been selected to be distributors of some of the world’s most advanced technologies. Our team comprises of 5 members. Apart from just selling the product, we have gone to an extend of giving the client personalized after sales service and reliable technical assistance as concern the products in a wide range of areas countrywide.



a) Natural bacterial enzyme technology that eliminates need for emptying of septic tanks, soak pits, pit latrines, fat traps and oxidation ponds.

Bio-remediative substance that has the ability to clean up potentially toxic environmental spills by absorbing harmful substances, and eventually breaking down those substances into non-toxic forms. This product has been acknowledged by NEMA Kenya as well as global organizations such as the WorldHealth Organization (WHO) and UNICEF.

2. Invisiglove – Alcoholic free Non-Flammable Barrier Gel that is the latest technology in hand hygiene and protection for employees who handle dirt, grease, paint or harmful substances. Eliminates need of soap, harsh abrasive soaps or detergents.

3. Scrubazan – Non- corrosive Stain remover and degreaser.

4. VisioNite - The world's most advanced Photo Luminescent Technology. Glow in the Dark paint and signage solutions. Advanced methods for providing signage for safe methods for safe Evacuation from buildings and critical areas in the event of a fire or emergency when there is no power.

5.Supazorb - a new generation environment friendly oil bioremediation product, which has been awarded the highest Environmental Technology award in the world. Oil/Chemical emergency refill spill kits. Refills of booms/socks and pads available on request.

6.Permasan - Alcohol Free Surface Disinfectant technology that has antibacterial efficacy of extended durations of over 24 hours. Replacing sanitizing with Alcohol and / or chlorine in a much cleaner and friendlier way.

7.Oil/Chemical Spill Kit- Available in 60ltr and 100ltr containers. The kits contain pillows and booms however they can be customized to clients specification.

8.Nanoseptic surfaces-NanoTouch® is the world’s first and only producer of products that are NanoSeptic the next generation of continuously self-cleaning surfaces. engineered with a proprietary blend of material science, nanotechnology and green chemistry.





To equip our clients with high quality products and services while maintaining excellent customer service.


To be the top choice professional supplier that continually exceeding our customer’s expectations.


Our values Simplicity, Responsibility and Opennes reflect our purpose, and beliefs by which we conduct ourselves